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Hello, dear boater, welcome, on this page you will find full information on hearing loss or hearing loss (badly called deafness), from Prevention, through Diagnosis and mainly Hearing Aid Equipment or hearing aids in people of all ages, from newborn babies, through young people and active work and social to older adults.

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AUDIOCRUZ S.R.L. was founded in 2006 by professionals who, after several years of service and acquiring experience in public and private institutions, saw the need to provide specialized, personalized and HIGH QUALITY scientific assistance oriented to the growing and until now neglected population of people with hearing, voice, speech and language deficiencies, both in adults and in young people and children.

Quiénenes Somos AudioCruz

Audiocruz SRL, a service oriented company that provides preventive assistance, diagnosis and treatment to people with hearing impairment and alterations in human communication. Recognised for the levels of efficiency and quality of its services and for the responsibility, care and professionalism of its team of experts. It develops its activities in different Departments of the Country, with high levels of ethics, honesty, patience and respect.


Audiocruz SRL, will be the most advanced auditory diagnostic center in the country, avant-garde in state-of-the-art technology in hearing aids (hearing aids and accessories), at the service of the entire Bolivian community with hearing loss problems, so that they can develop their language and integrate without limitations to their environment. Under principles of honesty, ethics, responsibility and respect.


Our goal is to serve people who suffer from hearing loss, the most complex of our senses to such an extent that we can get as close as possible to the performance of normal hearing, for this we have the support of the world's best brand in hearing aids, Phonak of Switzerland.


- Honesty - Responsibility - Ethics - Respect - Patience


At Audiocruz we share an illusion: not only to improve hearing, but also to improve communication and the quality of life of people affected by a hearing impairment.

Our goal is to correct the decline in hearing, the most complex of our senses to such an extent that we can approach normal hearing performance.

Until yesterday, the technological barriers seemed insurmountable and the stigma associated with hearing loss seemed unchangeable. But today our dream is taking shape and the established commitment to provide the most advanced technological solutions together with a comprehensive services organization of high professionalism and human commitment, brings us closer to our goal: "Hearing Solution for All".